To bring out all the intrinsic flavor and sensations of the fruit at the peak of its perfection is my daily preoccupation.

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Upscale fruit juices

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Wild Mango
Harvested in Cameroon, this variety, known as “Improved Cameroon” is exceptional and will most...

Although born into a farming family, I left my native land and went to live in Paris. However, the pull of the land was too strong, and I finally came home to take over the family holding in 1986 and specialize in arboriculture.
In 1993 I decided to create a production unit for fruit juice and nectars; it was the start of a passionante adventure.
I very rapidely extended the range to include vegetable juices.
Total respect for taste is our first priority. Rigorous selection of fruits and the adaptability of our artisan-type setup means that we can process fruit at the peak of their maturity, in line with the seasons...