Our abilities


"Coming from a farming family, I answered the call of the earth and took over the family farm in 1986 before creating a small-scale production site to make fruit juices and nectars.

Our workshop is in Saint-Romain-en-Jarez, a charming town near the Monts du Lyonnais in Southeast France, where hillside farming and an outstanding terroir allow our fruits to fully express all their flavours.

Every day, I am committed to respecting the qualities of the fruit and sharing my passion for nature and authentic taste with you." Patrick Font

The secret of our quality: careful selection and traditional methods

v            SELECTION

I choose my fruits and vegetables based on three guidelines:

-   Provenance: I choose citrus and tropical fruits from the best foreign sources, but regional French fruit is my priority for the rest of my line. Starting out as a farmer allowed me to develop strong ties with local growers, with whom I've been working closely for over 20 years.

-   Terroir and variety: each year, that faithful relationship allows us to select the finest fruit from terroirs that express all their unique characteristics. The growers know what I expect in terms of ripeness, colours and organoleptic qualities.

-   Sustainable agriculture: I'd rather use responsible methods than obtain high yields. When practiced conscientiously, sustainable agriculture is respectful of nature. The growers and I carefully see to that.




  Seasonal harvests: as the months go by, the fruits are processed during the period of their natural ripeness at our production and bottling site in Saint Romain en Jarez (42).

-    Traditional equipment: in keeping with the small-scale, non-industrial tradition, we use a belt press to extract pure juices; pulpy fruits are centrifuged.

-    Cold pressing: our fruits are cold-pressed and centrifuged, using traditional methods to work with the fruit without heating it beforehand. This is more expensive, more complex and obtains lower yields but results in much better quality and saves energy.



We use pasteurisation to conserve our fresh fruit juices so you can enjoy the flexibility of a three-year best-by date.



In harmony with our HACCP approach, audited every year by independent experts (QCM Consultant), we guarantee the safety of our consumers' health through complete traceability of each batch until delivery.