Family History

Family business in production of high quality fruit juices and nectars.

Located in the countryside near Lyon, Patrick Font took over the farm of his parents in 1986 then transformed it into a workshop of handcrafted production of fruit juices and nectars since 1993.

By always emphasising local products and excellence, he managed to develop recipes that sublimate the qualities of thoroughly selected raw materials.

Since then, Romain and Marine, Patrick’ children, have brought every day their own contribution. As ambassador, Romain contributes to the development of the brand awareness and Marine ensures the proper functioning of all logistics.

Together, Father and Children contribute to create a fruit juices collection, rich in flavours and available in the most beautiful places in France or abroad…

Know how & Careful Selection

The selection of our fruits and vegetables is based on three major criterias: local origin, variety and harvest in season.

Local origin

We are continually striving to look for our raw materials in their best growing areas, giving priority to local fruits. We are located in a privileged agricultural basin rich of fruits and vegetable crops. Regarding the tropical range, Patrick is often visiting suppliers abroad to select with them the best fruits that will be part of our recipes.

Seasonal Harvest

The fruits are processed during the period of their natural ripeness at our production and bottling site. Our priority is to work with fruits harvested at the right season in order to conserve their organoleptic properties.


We are seeking varieties that will allow us to extract the best of the fruits. Thanks to reliable partnerships, growers know our requirements in terms of ripeness, colouration and organoleptic qualities. We also participate in the preservation of specific varieties such as the vineyard peach, by planting new trees at our partners farms.


Following a quality approach, we have developed a strong and trustful relationship with our growers. This help us to work closely with our partners to ensure the products traceability.
Through materials investment at our partners farms, we have built long-term relationships.

French Production

Located in Tartaras in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, our site produces all the juices and nectars in the collection. The precision and performance of our equipment allow us to achieve the goals of excellence that we set for ourselves.

The cold extraction preserves the organoleptic properties of fruits and vegetables despite a lower yield. We ensure pasteurisation of our products to ensure best conservation and allow you to enjoy the flexibility of a three-year best-by date.

We respect natural characteristics of the fruits while creating our recipes. We attach importance to keep the natural balance between sugar and acidity. Texture is also a fundamental part of our recipes and we work every day to make it as pleasant as possible.