High Quality Fruit Juices

Unveiling the flavours and sensations of the fresh fruit is a daily challenge

We create a collection of juices and nectars that combine excellence and flavours respect.

With an agricultural know-how, rooted in the family tradition, Patrick Font develops recipes that sublimate thoroughly selected, best quality local fruits and vegetables. Over the years, The we have developed a wide range of high quality fruit juices and nectars that will delight the taste buds of gourmets!

Thanks to a demanding selection, specialised manufacture methods and the finesse of the recipes, our Patrick Font juices and nectars are now recognised in the world of gastronomy and are present on the tables of the greatest chefs.

Fruits juices made with passion

Family company of manufacture of high quality nectars and fruit juices

“Coming from a farming family, I answer the call from the land and take over the small family farm in 1986. Thereafter, I create a small production unit of fruit and vegetable juices and nectars. We are located in Tartaras, in the countryside near Lyon where the cultivation on hillsides and an excellent soil allow our fruits to unveil all their flavours.

The rigorous selection of the fruits and the precision of our equipment allow us to use the best fruits, that reached a maturity at the rhythm of the seasons.

My daily commitment is to respect the fruit qualities and to share with you my passion for nature and taste authenticity.”